Process Your “Sale with Rental” with a Single Click


Every rental business is different with unique processes which require unique capabilities from the business solutions on which they rely. That’s why a flexible solution built for the rental industry is key to ongoing success.
That is why Rental360 doesn’t just process rentals, it can accommodate more complex transactions, like making a sale with rental with a single click.
Sale with Rental ContainersThis capability was designed with two kinds of businesses in mind:

  1. Those that rent a full container and sell the contents so that it is empty upon return
  2. Those that rent an empty container and sell services associated with its use

So, if your company:

  • Rents out a keg, but sells the beer inside
  • Rents out a tank, but sells the propane, helium, or oxygen inside
  • Rents out a dumpster, but sells the collection and dumping services

Then you can take advantage of the streamlined efficiency of processing all aspects of your orders at once, on a single screen in Rental360.
The Rental Order Screen in Rental360 is a your “cock-pit control center” for all your rental order processing needs – this includes a sale with rental. On the Rental Order screen, you simply need to check the “Sale with Rental” box and all of processes necessary will run in the background to create the rental and sales orders, contracts, etc.
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