Is Rental360 the Right Fit?

See what makes Rental360 the right choice for businesses providing rental services

Rental360 goes beyond just a rental management solution and not every business that can benefit from Rental360 would identify themselves as a “rental” business.

So, how do you know if Rental360 would be a good fit for your business? Here are a few key indicators:

  • You need to manage transactions across multiple locations
  • Your business is growing, and you need to add users without worrying about adding to the cost of your system
  • You are ready to move off of Quickbooks or a similar financial solution
  • You have at least 15 employees that would be using the system
  • You are primarily a B2B organization

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Rental360 is truly a solution that was “Built for Rental Services”.

It provides complete lifecycle tracking and management of assets with easy-to-use interfaces so that you can optimize your time with customers. That means, that Rental360 is an ideal fit for companies where asset rental is the primary line of business, like those renting:

Since Rental360 is a complete ERP system, leveraging the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution, it serves as the main operational system for companies that have rental as a secondary line of business, like:

  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • retail companies
  • service organizations

Organizations with related business models can also take advantage of the many efficiencies gained through Rental360, like those that provide:

  • leasing
  • rent-to-own
  • event management
  • sample tracking
  • services with equipment charges

Rental360 is a flexible, adaptable solution that empowers businesses across industries to track and manage assets with complete 360⁰ visibility and control of the entire rental process, from check-out and delivery to check-in and inspection.

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