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Because Rental360 is one platform that connects all facets of your rental business by managing inventory, tracking depreciation, enabling activity management and customer portals, and tying rental activity to financials and other back office systems, all of your critical business data is in one location. This gives everyone secure access to all of the information needed to take the best next step within their role.

The ARA Rental Market Metrics Certified dashboards and analytical functionality within Rental360 enable users to customize, see, and analyze their key metrics at a glance. Leverage all of your data, analytics, and mobile capabilities to be proactive in your customer relationships so that you remain at the top of their mind.

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Making your rental management modern isn’t just about new systems. Adopting a new technology platform gives your business the opportunity to make more than just your systems modern, but also gives you an opportunity to re-imagine your business processes.

By assessing and adapting your processes, you can make the most of the workflow capabilities found in Rental360 while enhancing efficiencies across the organization.

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With complete mobile capabilities, Rental360 enables you to manage every aspect of your rental business anytime, anywhere, on any device. Empower your employees in the field and remote workers with modern tools for handling staff time and expenses, equipment service costs, tasks and usage, managing tickets, taking equipment photos, and accepting customer signatures.

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Depend on the security and guaranteed up-time provided by the cloud to focus on growing your business instead of maintaining servers or updating hardware.

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Rental360 makes it easy for anyone in your organization who interacts with a customer to be equipped with all relevant information to have the most productive conversations. However, Rental360 doesn’t stop with just enabling your people. It can automate processes and empower your customers to serve themselves, making your people and processes more efficient while improving your customers’ experiences.

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In today’s rental organizations, each facet of the business is dependent on all of the others. All critical business data needs to be accurate and accessible in order for personnel to manage:

  • Tracking and ordering parts
  • Inventory for sale or rental
  • Services for rental or sale equipment
  • Integration with purchasing for re-rents
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Complex billing that combines a sale with rental plus service or simple billing buy unique to your business

Managing each of these rental business processes in a separate point solution is often costly, inefficient, and makes it difficult to upgrade your systems or move them, and your business, forward.

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Complete ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information system by which a rental company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP system for rental service companies typically integrates areas such as accounting, rentals, sales, service, equipment management & maintenance, asset tracking, purchasing, inventory, marketing, planning, and human resources.

Rental360 is built on the fastest growing cloud ERP platform in the industry, Acumatica cloud ERP. Its scalability, flexibility, and breadth of functionality provide a strong yet agile foundation on which to grow your business.

The benefits of an ERP system to the company are many. Here are some of the most important:



An ERP system reduces repetitive processes and the need to manually enter information.

Integrated Information

Instead of having data distributed throughout a number of separate applications that don’t talk to each other, all information is now accessible centrally. This greatly reduces the effort of keeping information consistent and up to date.


ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable. Because data from multiple areas is integrated, you can get meaningful related data on the same report, such order history by month or week and short shipments or substitutions.

Customer Service

Complete customer history, order history, recommended products, receivables, and more are all available to anyone who interacts with your customers to make those interactions more effective.


Centrally managed and always backed up, you will have access to the latest security protocols as well as the assurance your data is safe and available.