Better Business with Better Business Intelligence in Rental360


According to the experts at, any piece of business intelligence that you place at the heart of your organization should be able to unlock a number of key benefits – essentially all at the same time. The right solution isn’t just a perfect opportunity to create better relationships with new customers and improve those you already have with your existing ones. It’s also a way to increase the productivity of your employees, uncover and take advantage of new revenue streams and much, much more.
These are the types of goals that the Rental360 solution was founded on and as you will soon come to realize, achieving these benefits and others is no longer a question of “if” but “when.”

Rental360 from Acumatica: The Art of Better Business Intelligence

At its core, Rental360 is a solution built by professionals in the rental industry for professionals in the rental industry – meaning that it offers a much more specific, holistic and organic view into an enterprise than would be possible with a more general type of technology. It’s already demonstrated 100% accuracy in complying with all ARA standards and methodologies in terms of calculating and reporting on the critical performance measurements for rental properties everywhere – meaning that exactly what you need to focus on is finally right at your fingertips, likely for the first time.
Rental360’s dashboards do what any good BI solution should do – not only do you now have a real opportunity to build real-time intelligence into the customer-facing services that you offer, but massive volumes of unstructured data can now be used in a way that helps uncover the valuable insight hidden just underneath. You can dive deep into topics like equipments utilization, for example, getting insight into the frequency of rental for individual assets, equipment availability versus assets that are currently out on rental and more.

The financial and accounting dashboards built into Rental360 also offer a bird’s eye view of other critical information, including but not limited to things like cash on hand, cash expected, top overdue balances, overdue customers/payments, credit or vendor payment holds and more.
But in the end, the true advantage that Rental 360 from Acumatica brings to the table is more important than any one of these features by itself. It puts all of the most accurate, timely and actionable information at your fingertips so that you’re finally in a position to make the best decision for the right challenge at the right time moving forward. It’s a single, straightforward opportunity to turn insight into profitability, both for now and for all time, and the importance of that alone simply cannot be overstated enough.

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