Would Rental360 Be a Good Choice For Your Business?


Not all businesses that can benefit from Rental360 would identify themselves as “rental” businesses.

Are you wondering if Rental360 is the right choice for your business?
First, it’s important to understand what Rental360 truly is – a solution that was “Built for Rental Services”. It provides cradle-to-grave tracking and management of assets with easy to use interfaces so that you can optimize your time with customers.
That means, that Rental360 is an ideal fit for companies where asset rental is the primary line of business, like those renting:

  • heavy equipment
  • general tool
  • medical equipment
  • trailers
  • scaffolding

Since Rental360 is a full ERP system, leveraging the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution, it serves as the main operational system for companies that have rental as a secondary line of business, like:

  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • retail companies
  • service organizations

Organizations with related business models can also take advantage of the many efficiencies gained through Rental360, like those that provide:

  • leasing
  • rent-to-own
  • event management
  • sample tracking
  • services with equipment charges

Rental360 is a flexible, adaptable solution that empowers businesses across industries to track and manage assets with complete 360⁰ visibility and control of the entire rental process, from check-out and delivery to check-in and inspection.

Get to know Rental360:

Essentially, if your company is ready to change the way your rental business is done by making it modern, see how Rental360 can make that happen:

  • Insight Into and Across Your Business
  • Workflows that Help You Operate Efficiently
  • Mobility that Gives You 24/7 Access to Work Remotely
  • The Secure, Dependability of the Cloud
  • Tools to Stay Top-of-Mind with Your Customers
  • A Single Platform that Provides End-to-End Functionality

Rental360 has been the modern choice of companies in the following industries:

  • Construction equipment
  • Traffic management
  • Consumer rentals
  • Fencing
  • Monitoring services
  • Scaffolding

If you think that Rental360 might be a good fit for your business and are ready to take a closer look, view a demo on-demand.

Originally published May 30, 2018. Updated on September 24, 2020.