Modern Software Provides More Uptime for Equipment Rental Companies


Equipment uptime is critical for rental companies, but business uptime is essential. A modern, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like Rental360 can guarantee uptime for equipment rental companies and prevent interruptions to their business. Rental360 is a complete cloud ERP solution built specifically with the needs of rental businesses in mind.

Equipment Uptime vs. Business Uptime

Equipment uptime has become increasingly important for equipment rental companies as the cost of equipment, labor and time have continued to increase. In order to achieve maximum equipment uptime, you’ve cultivated and maintained a dealer network to ensure parts are always locally available to the equipment.

Similarly, ensuring that the systems that keep your rental business running are well maintained and always available is just as critical. However, the cost of maintaining your own software and databases can eat into your bottom line, especially if you are running on aging systems.

How Can Rental360 Help?

Rental360 is a ground-breaking solution that empowers users to manage all phases of the rental process, including check-out, delivery, check-in and inspection, from a single, mobile-enabled location. The ways in which it streamlines and automates rental business processes is only a portion of the value that Rental360 can bring to your company.

Rental360 was built into the Acumatica cloud ERP platform. This means that, in moving to Rental360, you wouldn’t have to purchase new or upgrade your servers or hardware, because the whole system operates securely in the cloud. Acumatica uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their web services platform – providing an impressive 99.95% uptime rating.

Not only does having 99.95% business uptime directly benefit your bottom line, but moving to a modern, cloud solution like Rental360 built in Acumatica can have other financial benefits. Upgrading your ERP to a modern cloud solution can save on average more than 20% in IT spending as a percentage of revenue and have been found to deliver 2.1x times the relative return on investment (ROI) of on-premise ones.

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