Better Business Insights with Rental360 Power BI Dashboards


Rental360 doesn’t just process your critical business data, it empowers you to visualize and take action on that data by providing ARA Certified Metrics through interactive and customizable Power BI dashboards.

You can see detailed data visualizations around:

  • Utilization
  • Revenue
  • Equipment
  • Equipment On-Rent
  • Financials

At the top level, we can look at daily calculations, including Dollar Utilization and Rental Revenue day-by-day.

Our rental fleet is broken out into several rental classes. Within the dashboard, we can see the value of each equipment class compared to its age.

Each data point within the dashboard is interactive, meaning that you can drill in for additional information.

Top Level Rental360 Power BI Dashboard

Utilization Dashboard

The Utilization Dashboard gives you a clear snapshot of how your equipment is performing from both a time and revenue perspective.

In the Utilization Dashboard, we have the option to view data regarding all of our assets, or filter by a particular asset class. When we select all of our assets, we can see a comparison between Dollar Utilization and Time Utilization by equipment class both in graph from and the data behind it. On the other hand, when we focus on a particular class, we see each individual piece of equipment with its dollar and time utilization.

The Utilization Dashboard also provides a scatter graph on which we can identify each individual piece of equipment and compare its time and dollar utilization by looking for clusters and outliers. We can also focus on a particular model within the class to see the relative values of the highest performing and lowest performing assets. A simple mouse-hover will reveal the detailed data behind each point.

The Rent-by-Day graph shows utilization rates over time.

Rental360 Time and Dollar Utilization Analysis Dashboard

Revenue Dashboard

The Revenue Dashboard gives you a clear picture of how your equipment is affecting your bottom line.

We can see total company revenue month-by-month, year over year and also break that down by type of equipment.

If we focus on a particular equipment class, we’ll see our types of equipment within that class alongside their revenue year over year, as well as the actual dollar revenue contribution compared to the percent utilization for each individual item.

This helps you easily identify which are your best performing assets by showing which assets have the highest and lowest revenue and dollar utilization.

We can also see our dollar utilization compared to our cost so that we can see which assets are performing well relative to their cost.

If we drill into a single asset, we can see the initial purchase price and utilization, whereas looking at all assets of the specified item type can show us the differences.

Rental360 Revenue Analysis Dashboard

Equipment On Rent Dashboard

The Equipment On Rent Dashboard gives you financial information about the equipment that is currently in use, as well as a visualization of where it is located.

From a financial standpoint, we can see the original equipment cost of our on-rent assets.

This dashboard features a map that shows us the details of what equipment is on-rent and where it’s located. On the map, each bubble reflects a customer location. We can hover to see the customer name and the equipment at that location.

Additionally, we can filter to show where all of a particular class of asset is located. This shows us the total number outstanding and the value as well as the customer locations where the assets are currently on rent. We can also add individual asset types to see where each types of our selected asset class are out on rent.

Financial Dashboard

Since Rental360 is a fully integrated product, we also have access to any and all financial metrics and analytics that will help you achieve your goals. These can be configured and displayed to fit the needs of each individual organization and user.

To learn more about how your business data can be displayed and analyzed through Power BI in Rental360, contact us today!