Creating a Scaffolding Quote and Converting it to an Order in Rental360


Rental360 gives you a complete 360⁰ view of your scaffolding rental business in order to simply your processes and empower your people to make the most of their time and availability. That’s why the Rental360 rental order screen was built to enable users to create a quote, send it, attach all relevant files, and convert it to an order, all in one screen.

Let’s look at the Scaffolding Quote to Order process in three steps in Rental360:

Create a Scaffolding Quote


When creating a Scaffolding Rental Quote, first you need to set the quote date and select the customer for which you are creating the quote.

Then, you’ll see alerts and relevant pop-ups for information about the customer that you selected.

You can select the appropriate customer location and contacts from an unlimited contact list.

Identify the project and scaffolding delivery location, if applicable. You have options for delivery location or pick-up. You can create a new job site at this point or select from a list of existing job sites for the scaffolding project delivery. By selecting the job site, Rental360 will automatically determine the sales tax compliance or related calculations. Then, you can select the delivery date for the rental to begin.

Once this information is in place, you can being selecting the scaffolding items and quantity for each line item in the quote. You can select a mix of serialized and non-serialized equipment. You can also include both rentals and sales on the same contract. The sale could be of an inventory item or a one-time charge for a service.

Select a GL account and save the quote.

You can include relevant documentation such as a damage loss waiver or a certificate of insurance or add environmental fees. From this point, you can save the scaffolding rental quote, and prepare to send it off.

Attach Files and Documents to a Quote

Because many scaffolding companies are using Excel to build quotes, you can see how to import a file into your Rental360 quote form.

You have the option to load records from a file, or to export it off to a file. Select and upload the relevant files.

You will then see a mapping where Rental360 is taking the column from the spreadsheet, and it’s doing its best to match it to lines that are within the contract. That file can be accessible wherever you select.

Another way to attach a file to the contract is to drag it from your desktop or folder and drop it into the “Files” area at the top of the contract. This works great throughout the system; it could relate to your subcontractors and their W-9s, it could relate to any of your AP invoices and filing a copy of your AP invoice, your fixed assets (the auditor is always going to look for a copy of the invoice) any sort of confirmation, any sort of photos.

You can also upload something from your mobile device. By clicking on the “Upload Using Mobile App” button, Rental360 would send you a text message. Then you could take a picture and it will be attached to the appropriate contract.

Converting the Scaffolding Quote to an Order

Once you have built a quote in Rental360 and sent it off, you can take it off of hold, if that fits the complete approval process within the system.

Click “Copy Order” to convert the quote to an order. You can select different order types.

The system may ask you if you want to recalculate, but you can select “No” to honor the pricing that you have already given your customer.

Now, you have a scaffolding rental order and will need a PO from your customer.

See relevant alerts that may affect the rental contract and take action on those items.

Typically, when you are converting a quote to an order, it is because you have received a signed quote. If you receive the signed quote via email, you can find the email with the quote attached, drag, and drop each relevant attachment into the order.

Rental360 is built to make scaffolding rental companies as productive as possible by keeping all data in a single location. Now, you will see a signed contract, any sort of additional estimating files, any relevant imported photos, etc. all attached to a single order.

You can also print the contract to see all relevant information and legal language and agreements.

With Rental360, you can customize contracts to your or your customers’ needs. Once you have converted a quote to an order, it is easy to send the order to whoever needs it.

To see more of how Rental360 helps handle scaffolding rental transactions, view this on-demand webinar.