Securing Your Equipment Rental Data in the Cloud


In a recent edition of Rental Management magazine, the cover story addresses the importance of rental companies protecting themselves from cybercrime. It’s a critical issue for equipment rental companies, as a cyber-attack can:

  • Be expensive to recover from
  • Result in a loss of revenue due to downtime
  • Damage your reputation

While the article offers a few suggestions for improving cyber security, including employee training, offline approvals, and, in one extreme example, making it impossible for users logged into the rental management system to access the internet simultaneously.

All of these suggestions, while effective, pose huge interruptions to business processes and keep your business from moving forward and serving your customers efficiently, especially since most equipment rental companies don’t employ large IT staffs—and staying ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats requires constant vigilance.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure security of your critical rental data while removing the burden of maintaining that security in house. That solution is in the cloud.

Cloud Security that Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

In the cloud, the onus to protect your data lies on your cloud vendor, therefore, it’s in their best interests to make security a priority—and it’s to your benefit to take advantage of this protection rather than try to build your own.

While trying to connect a legacy system to the cloud (that it was not built for) can sometimes create more security risk than rewards, modern, built-in-the-cloud business management systems will provide a level of data security that is almost impossible to achieve on your own.

For example, Rental360 is a complete rental management solution embedded into the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform. Acumatica provides enterprise-grade security features such as server-side logic, detailed access controls, and robust authentication built-in at a flexible, affordable price for mid-sized equipment rental companies.

In addition to it’s many functional benefits, Rental360 and Acumatica were designed for the future, leveraging emerging technologies, and are not hamstrung by the infrastructure of the past. This means new tools can be integrated easily without security risks versus building ad hoc tunnels for old legacy tools that are barn doors for a hacker and data loss.

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Originally posted on May 17, 2019. Updated for accuracy and relevance.