Bridge the Gap Between Order and Delivery with Rental360 Warehouse Management


When processes are handed off from one department to another, your company may be vulnerable to inefficiencies or errors if you are’t using systems to automate the transition and transfer of data.
This is something that users of Rental360 don’t have to worry about, especially when it comes to moving sales order information to warehouse or equipment preparation staff that will get the asset or equipment ready for delivery. Here’s how:
In Rental360, once an order is processed and a rental contract is created, your warehouse is automatically provided with the information they need to prepare the asset for delivery.
Your warehouse staff receives packing instructions to know which piece of equipment needs to be prepared and how it should be delivered. Once the packing and prep sheet has been created in Rental360, a delivery ticket or form can be created. This delivery ticket is available through the mobile app so that drivers can obtain on-site signatures from the customer upon delivery that will then be stored directly into the system.

While warehouse notifications can arrive in real-time, your warehouse team can also see what they need to prep for delivery on future rentals through the “checkout” function, which shows the equipment needed for rental by date, rather than order-by-order. 
To learn more about how Rental360 can help you manage your warehouse and the rest of your rental business, contact us today.