Overcoming the Barriers to Scaling Your Rental Business


The health and future growth of your rental business depends on your ability to be flexible and scale.
A recent article in Rental, the magazine from ForConstructionPros.com, they listed three barriers to business scalability:

  1. Increased complexity hindering efficiency
  2. An inability to balance the needs of new vs. existing customers
  3. Difficulty adopting new technology and infrastructure that would enable scaling

While these issues are probably not new to you, finding effective ways to overcome them may be a bit more challenging.
Reducing the complexity of your business processes and finding new paths for efficiency often requires identifying new tools or solutions that will enable you to streamline processes without burdening your people.
Balancing the needs of your new customers with those of your existing customers requires sharing information across your organization, automating tasks, and getting alerted to customer needs quickly. All of these requirements can be facilitated by modern, integrated business systems that tie your customer data to financials, rental history, and more.
Both of the previous two barriers lay the ground work for barrier no. 3 – difficulty adopting new technology and infrastructure. When considering new technology solutions, you not only need to assess how the system will support streamlining your business processes, you also need to evaluate how the technology (and required infrastructure) will help your business scale in the future.
The Cloud provides a distinct advantage for organizations trying to gain scalability. Cloud business platforms enable companies to scale their user counts, data storage, and computing power based on their changing needs. When ERP solutions are leveraged in a cloud environment, it empowers the users to connect to data across the organization so that everyone is operating on a single version of the truth.
Rental360 is built on Acumatica Cloud ERP, a solution known for enabling companies to scale user counts without adding cost. Learn more about how Acumatica enables scalability here. Rental360 is a complete solution for your rental business with the flexibility to grow with your business and adapt as your needs change throughout the year.

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