Better Rental Order Entry with Easy Customer Data Access


We like to call the Rental Screen within Rental360 the “cock-pit control center” of the system because of the complete ability to access and input any relevant piece of information related to an order, customer, asset, etc. The needs of the individual in the driver’s seat, piloting the rental transaction, may be very different depending on the type of rental transaction:

  • Future rental orders may go through the warehouse or a preparation process, then require a ticket management process for delivery
  • Counter rentals require the ability to rent an item, collect payment, and print a rental contract on-demand and in a short time period
  • Rentals that will be cycle-billed with no up-front payment made by the customer
  • Online, self-service orders placed directly by the customer

Fortunately, all types of rentals are able to be handled easily within a single screen in Rental360 – in large part due to the easy access to all relevant customer data from that screen. For any type of rental transaction, the faster you can access or enter customer data, the more effectively you’ll be able to serve the customer and the more satisfied the customer will be with their rental experience.
In Rental360, you can look up customers:

  • Using a look-up tool that searches on any aspect of their data, including customer number, address, and more
  • By typing any portion of their name into the customer field

See it in action here:

For a better picture of how easy customer look-ups help streamline the entire rental order process, watch our demo webinar anytime!