Connecting Your Customer Relationships to the Rest of Your Rental Business


As equipment rental companies continue their efforts to rebound from the global health crisis of the last 18 months, many are turning to new, updated ERP systems to help optimize their operations. While there are many modern ERP systems to chose from, rental companies would be well-served to choose an ERP provider that includes built-in CRM software.

A Vital but Overlooked Consideration

Businesses of every variety need some form of CRM software for managing their customer-facing interactions, but businesses in the rental sphere need them more than most. If a rental business chooses an ERP provider that does not offer these features, their work life will become bogged down with constant backtracking to different systems to do their jobs. By choosing a modern, agile ERP system like Rental360, powered by Acumatica, this incredible inefficiency is rectified. Despite this, many rental companies overlook this need, focusing instead on other issues. Acumatica’s Rental360, however, provides a full solution, never sacrificing other functionality while still providing the CRM capabilities.

The Power of Integration

One of the key advantages of a CRM enabled ERP provider is that of integration- with so much of the business running out of one platform, the ability to integrate other vital systems is massively important. Perhaps the most important is the ability to integrate with Outlook, the leading email platform for most rental operations. In Rental360 users are able to pull important data directly from Outlook into the system, including dates, times, items, and even pull full documents directly into the platform.

Increased Visibility, Better Accountability

By housing all important company information within one system businesses can be assured that all their data across all departments is available to its users at any time. This includes everything from sales to inventory, from purchasing to prospects. This means that all prospects in the pipeline are visible to users, including notes, needs, contact information, and follow-up strategies. This also makes the hand-off process easier once it is time to move them from prospect to customer, and allows for better supervision of follow-up, leading to better customer service and happier clients.

All the Tools for Rental Rebound

By choosing to operate in Rental360, powered by Acumatica, equipment rental companies give themselves all the ERP and CRM tools to excel in every department, driving business, customer service, and employee satisfaction.