Catering to Contractors – Making Your Rental Business More Marketable


Equipment rental companies find clients in a number of ways across a variety of different industries. One area of focus for many rental businesses is contractors, who have a need for short to medium term renting of tools and other inventory to conduct their business. Forward-thinking rental businesses can maximize their effectiveness in this sphere by choosing to employ a modern, agile ERP system optimized to serve rental businesses and their contractor clients.

Research has shown that residential contractors have three main considerations when choosing who to rent from:

  • Competitive cost
  • Past positive experience
  • Convenience of the location

While cost is an obvious factor for nearly any business, the other two points of consideration can often be overlooked- much to a rental company’s peril.

Small to mid-sized companies cannot afford to downplay how much the “personal touch” can influence a contractor’s decision. Studies have found that past positive experiences (relationship building) and the convenience of a location can often have a greater impact on a contractor’s decision than more “typical” considerations such as a better selection of tools.

While this doesn’t advocate for ignoring more typical considerations, it does stress the need for relationship building in addition to the traditional business needs.

How can a small to mid-sized business handle this balance? By choosing the right ERP system.

Rental360 is an agile, cloud-based ERP platform designed specifically to optimize equipment rental companies. Featuring an array of user-friendly, intuitive tools to maximize efficiency, Rental360 allows its users to spend less time doing tedious tasks and more time focusing on building the positive experiences and relationships needed to thrive.

Rental360 features top-of-class tracking not only for inventory availability, but also for maintenance schedules and history, lowering the amount of dead-time users have to spend updating and cross-checking item records. This information, always readily available via any internet connected device, allows users to better serve their contractors, enabling a focus on relationship-building.

By focusing on providing top-tier customer service and experience to residential contractor clients small to mid sized rental companies can set themselves apart from the competition.

Choosing Rental360 to power your rental business can give you the step up on the competition thanks to its powerful tools that allow your employees to focus on relationship building and service without sacrificing efficiency and back-end functionality. 

Learn more about Rental360 and see it in action with this on-demand demo