Advancing Your Rental Analytics with Rental360 Dashboards


The key to success in any rental business is utilizing the proper analytical tools to keep tabs on things like rental tickets, equipment maintenance costs, and daily intakes of rental fees. However, finding a good software that caters to specifically what a rental business owner needs and is certified by the American Rental Association is not always easy. With Rental360, all of your analytical processes are about to become streamlined, simplified, and highly supportive of your business.

See Out vs. In Equipment Rentals in Real Time

Because the Rental360 dashboard provides you with a detailed snapshot of out and in equipment, you can pull open the dashboard any time and see:

  • What equipment is out at any given time
  • When equipment pieces are due back
  • The frequency of equipment rentals individually

Better Understand Your Rental Business Revenue

Imagine a computerized dashboard that showed you detailed information about every piece of equipment your rental store owns. It would show you what your investment in certain pieces was compared to how often that piece has yielded a profit. It would provide you with a list of costs associated with a certain piece of equipment. All of this in collaboration with data on annual revenue on individual equipment pieces would give you a better understanding of your business’s revenue compared to costs. All of this is exactly what Rental360 provides.

Avoid Financial Woes with an Integrated Finance & Accounting Program

Rental360 allows you to designate roles to different users in the system. According to the role, the user will have access to things like how much cash is in the register, what rental tickets have not yet been paid, and overdue accounts. Because the finance and accounting information is available within the dashboard, it helps thwart problems with lost tickets, overdue payments being missed, and other financial concerns.
One of the few dashboards to have earned the esteemed ARA Rental Market Metrics certification, Rental360 demonstrates unmatched accuracy and simplicity. With this one program, you are gaining access to everything you need to see about your equipment rental business in one screen.