What Makes Rental360 Modern?


One of the many beneficial essential truths about Rental360 is that it is a modern business solution for organizations in the rental industry, or that need to manage the assets with which they provide services. But what makes it modern?
Rental360 is a modern, cloud platform that leverages the latest technology to give you a streamlined, secure, and supported system for managing your end-to-end business.

Built in the Cloud

With both private and public cloud availability, Rental360 (built on the Acumatica cloud solution) empowers you to store, process, and manage all of your relevant business data and transactions without costly hardware purchases and maintenance. With guaranteed uptimes and security, you can focus on building your business knowing that your critical business information is safe and your systems are operating as expected.

Browser Agnostic

Rental360 is a web application, fully functional in the browser or browsers of your choice. That means that it is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device through your unique and secure login.

Built for Mobility

Rental Screen on tabletThe Rental360 mobile app gives you on-the-go access to all of your Rental360 data and processes in a way that is formatted for your phone or tablet. Empower your delivery drivers or field reps with easy access to time and expense reporting, approvals, and more. The mobile ticketing tool gives people in the field all of the information that they need about each piece of equipment and customer that they will interact with, leveraging the ability to photos for documentation and get customer signatures right on their touch screen.

Agility for Growth

Because Rental360 is built on the Acumatica cloud platform, it is flexible and agile enough to scale as your business grows. Rolling the solution out to new offices or store locations is simple and cost effective to ensure that your entire organization is operating on a single version of the truth.


Although Rental360 is a complete solution for your financial, operational, and customer management needs, we know that there are often additional solutions that you may already have in place or want to add in the future. Part of what makes Rental360 modern is that it is connected, meaning that it is easily and seamlessly integrated with surrounding solutions to enhance your business intelligence, marketing automation, warehousing needs, etc..
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