What Makes Rental360 a Connected 360⁰ Solution?


What’s in a name?
Well, when it comes to Rental360, it’s a short name with a lot of meaning. The rental part is pretty self-explanatory. Rental360 is a single platform to manage all of your rental processes and data.
It goes well beyond just working for rental businesses. Any company that manages and maintains assets in order to generate revenue can benefit from Rental360. So if you’re a services company using equipment to provide your services, Rental360 could be the solution for you, too!
But what does the 360 mean?
When we say “Rental360,” we’re referring to a complete solution. The 360 refers to the fact that we’ve got you completely covered, supporting your rental business from every angle. We start with a highly functional Acumatica cloud ERP solution and embed the rental-specific functionality that your business requires.
With Rental360…
You can MANAGE your financials, cash flow, fixed assets, equipment, services, customers, and cases.
You can HANDLE scheduling/reservations, project costing, time tracking, physical inventory, and sales tax integration.
You can PROCESS credit cards, multiple currencies, and multi-location/multi-company transactions.
With Rental360, your core rental processes are surrounded with workflows, document management, alerts and notifications, mobility and web interfaces to keep you connected to all facets of your business. Because Rental360 is a single platform for all your business interactions, transactions, and functions, you will experience increased efficiency and decreased costs.

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