Smarter Delivery and Service with Rental360 Route Management


In order to gain a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly crowded market, equipment rental companies need more than just another route management platform. They need a solution that consolidates all of their daily needs together under one roof, giving them an opportunity to both increase the level of customer service that they’re able to offer and to grow their business in a better, more organic way at the exact same time.
Rental360 Route Management is that solution, offering a wide range of benefits for equipment rental companies in particular that they would be hard-pressed to find in any other way.

Intelligent Route Management for Intelligent Delivery

The key value that Rental360 Route Management offers can be summed up in a single word: logic.
If someone needed to create a sales order, for example, they can instantly see the next time a delivery truck will be in a customer’s area based on the specific date and time that the order was originally placed. Each route is assigned a primary driver and can have up to 42 stops, all of which are tracked from within the same easy-to-use graphical user interface. Stops on those routes are arranged in an order that makes the most sense given that day’s deliveries, so a company and its customers no longer have to guess as to when that delivery will take place. They’ll know, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Rental360 Route Management also acts as the central repository that companies need to gain better, more intelligent visibility over their delivery efforts. Transactional information like sales orders, invoices and shipments, customer inquiries, customer profiles, route maintenance data and more is all easily accessible within the system. This affords an opportunity for not only more consistent service, but also a higher quality of service as well. If you always know exactly when certain deliveries are being made and which trucks are headed to which locations at a given time, you have all the information you need to properly allocate your resources well in advance – thus avoiding the types of costly delays that could damage a company’s reputation (not to mention its bottom line).
All of this creates the most important advantage of all: smarter deliveries, superior service and a deeper competitive advantage in a time where that couldn’t be more important.

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