Real-World Reasons Rental Companies Need Mobile ERP


Rental360 is built natively with Acumatica, providing a modern cloud ERP platform for rental businesses. With Rental360, companies leverage cloud and mobile technology to automate and integrate processes from equipment tracking, to rental availability, from flexible billing, to delivery and pick-up.

Rental360’s mobile capabilities can make any and all functionality and data in the system available on Apple and Android devices. This opens up a world of possibilities for users in rental businesses.

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Scenario: Equipment Delivery

You have a driver scheduled to drop off a piece of your heavy equipment to a new rental customer at a construction site. Once your driver arrives, your customer has a number of questions about the equipment. The questions include if the rental fee is based on days or meter usage, as well as when the piece of equipment is next due for maintenance.

With Rental360, your driver can pull out their phone and answer all of the questions about the agreement and the equipment thanks to easy, mobile access to the equipment’s complete history. They will be able to see who has used it and research any repair issues, as well as determine when it’s due for maintenance.

The delivery driver can also enter a meter reading that is tracked in the system to trigger maintenance alerts and add to the equipment record.

Scenario: Equipment Exchange

You receive word that your equipment has been damaged and your customer needs an exchange to complete their project. You can create a ticket and schedule a driver to make a call on your phone, and the driver can see all related detail to the customer on their mobile device if they are already in the field.

Once the driver arrives, they can track all information through the ticket and through the equipment’s serial number. They can add to the ticket the reason for the exchange, take and include a photo of the damage, and have the customer sign for the replacement equipment on the spot.

Scenario: Equipment Check-In

Once a project is complete, your representatives in the field can check-in equipment upon pick-up. You can also verify and track its condition so that anyone can see whether or not it is ready for use again immediately.

The mobile app can also handle any approval processes established in the system. Additionally, it can track expense management so that your drivers and other users can submit expenses and receipts in real-time.

Also, you’ll have anywhere, anytime access to your business-critical information at a glance – since any dashboard built in the system can be accessed on your mobile device. This means that you can make quick, informed decisions, wherever your business may take you!

We know that your rental equipment is one of your business’ main assets. Thanks to Rental360 and Acumatica’s modern cloud ERP solution, you can have the most complete view of all of your resources whether you’re in the office or on the go.

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Originally Published April 11, 2018. Updated with additional information and relevancy.