Rental360 for the IT Department

A modern, cloud, ERP platform built for equipment rental that is in-step with today’s technology

Digital transformation through Rental360 challenges equipment rental companies to think beyond transactional systems to discover what more they can do in the cloud.

Move from Transactions to Transformation

Most systems that rental companies run their businesses on today are very transactional in nature; focused on moving the transaction through the system, whether it’s an order that comes in, getting it to the warehouse or yard, getting an invoice out, or getting the financials done.

In the meantime, there has been a digital transformation in the technology industry – moving from transactional to the cloud, while challenging us to think beyond just the cloud and ask, “what can we do in the cloud?”.

With modern cloud ERP, we look beyond how an ERP system can transact, to how it can make rental companies more efficient and stay top of mind with customers.

That’s where we are today.

Where We Are Headed

More interesting than where we are today is where we’re heading in the next 3-4 years. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) beginning to find a foothold, the software is going the next step to look at other conditions and not just wait for you to interact with it – it’s going to suggest what you should be doing.

Even today, AI and ML are starting to make their way into the software by looking at and scraping information from a PDF, determining what it is saying, and putting that into the system. Every time it does that, the system is learning and getting more and more accurate. There are lots of applications for that capability within the rental business setting.

When it comes to Digital Transformation, it’s not just about “what can I get if I change my system today.” It’s a question of “how can I stay competitive 3+, 4+ years from now when everyone else is starting to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to have the software help them run their businesses and make smarter decisions, or even making decisions for them in many cases.

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As a modern, agile ERP solution built in the cloud, Rental360 is incredibly adaptable, able to interface with a large and ever-growing number of other systems.

This means that existing applications such as Outlook, customer portals, and e-commerce are all able to be integrated to your solution.

The cloud nature of Rental360 also ensures business continuity in the face of disaster, as well as top of the market Cybersecurity.

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High-level workflows in Rental360 enable efficiency-increasing automation.

Within the system, you can set up multi-level approvals easily. You can also create alerts to address anything from approvals, purchase orders, or inventory issues that require acknowledgement or approval.

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