Rental360 for Rental Transportation & Delivery

Transport and deliver your rental equipment efficiently and effectively

Empower your equipment transportation and delivery drivers with mobile tools to stay connected and do everything remotely during drop-off.

Equipment Delivery

Don’t leave your delivery drivers in doubt. Give them all of the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and stay connected when at your customers’ job sites.

With real-time tracking, you always know that deliveries are expected on-time.

With complete mobile access to your system in an easily accessible app, your driver can pull out their phone or mobile device and answer all the questions about the rental agreement and the equipment thanks to easy, mobile access to the equipment’s complete history.

They will be able to see who has used each piece of equipment and research any repair issues, as well as determine when it’s due for maintenance or to the next customer.

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If you receive word that your equipment has been damaged and your customer needs an exchange to complete their project, Rental360 has all of the functionality you need to handle the exchange seamlessly.

You can create a ticket and schedule a driver to make a call on your phone, and the driver can see all related detail to the customer on their mobile device.

Once the driver arrives, they can track all information through the ticket and through the equipment’s serial number. They can add to the ticket the reason for the exchange, take and include a photo of the damage, and have the customer sign for the replacement equipment on the spot.

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Mobile Capabilities in Rental360 Made for Equipment Transportation Effectiveness