Rental360 for Rental Management

Manage Your Entire Rental Cycle in a Single System

In today’s rental organizations, each facet of the business is dependent on all of the others. Rental360 stays in-step with modern technology while managing all facets of the rental business cycle.

Creating an Order

In a modern, connected system, the salesperson making the rental will know the history of the customer, the asset, and the revenue of the transaction and have this information accessible from a single screen.

You need to be able to effectively execute all tasks related to creating and pricing an order from a single location, including checking equipment availability and pricing history, as well as creating a rental agreement and notify your warehouse so they can begin preparing for the necessary next steps.

See the Rental Order Screen in Action:

See the Rental Order Process On-Demand

Rental360 gives you the power to automate rental return alerts and communications.

When an asset is coming due or a piece of equipment is coming due on a rental, a notice can automatically go out to that customer saying “it’s scheduled for return in two days, if you don’t let us know that it’s going to be late, there will be a fee.”

Once a project is complete, your representatives in the field can check-in equipment upon pick-up. You can also verify and track its condition so that anyone can see if it is ready for use again immediately.

The mobile app can also handle any approval processes required.

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Because the Rental360 dashboard provides you with a detailed snapshot of out and in equipment, you can pull open the dashboard any time and see:

  • What equipment is out at any given time
  • When equipment pieces are due back
  • The frequency of equipment rentals individually

Equipment On Rent Dashboard

The Equipment On Rent Dashboard gives you financial information about the equipment that is currently in use, as well as a visualization of where it is located.

From a financial standpoint, we can see the original equipment cost of our on-rent assets.

This dashboard features a map that shows us the details of what equipment is on-rent and where it’s located. On the map, each bubble reflects a customer location. We can hover to see the customer name and the equipment at that location.

Additionally, we can filter to show where all of a particular class of asset is located. This shows us the total number outstanding and the value as well as the customer locations where the assets are currently on rent. We can also add individual asset types to see where each types of our selected asset class are out on rent.

Utilization Dashboard

The Utilization Dashboard gives you a clear snapshot of how your equipment is performing from both a time and revenue perspective.

In the Utilization Dashboard, we have the option to view data regarding all of our assets, or filter by a particular asset class. When we select all of our assets, we can see a comparison between Dollar Utilization and Time Utilization by equipment class both in graph from and the data behind it. On the other hand, when we focus on a particular class, we see each individual piece of equipment with its dollar and time utilization.

The Utilization Dashboard also provides a scatter graph on which we can identify each individual piece of equipment and compare its time and dollar utilization by looking for clusters and outliers. We can also focus on a particular model within the class to see the relative values of the highest performing and lowest performing assets. A simple mouse-hover will reveal the detailed data behind each point.

The Rent-by-Day graph shows utilization rates over time.

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