Rental360 for Financial Management

Achieve more with full access to financial data and analysis

Rental360 is a complete solution that gives you access to any and all financial metrics and analytics that will help you achieve your goals.

Rental Billing Made Easy

In Rental360, billing cycles are easy to set up.

Rental360 has options for running on-demand billing or cycle billing, allowing for you to choose the number of days in each cycle. It also offers the ability to add items in mid-cycle, including the ability to modify existing contracts or create new contracts for the additional items.

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The Rental360 dashboards show you detailed information about every piece of equipment your rental store owns.

See what your investment in certain pieces is compared to how often that piece has yielded a profit.

Access a list of costs associated with a certain piece of equipment.

See the link between annual revenue on individual equipment pieces to give you a better understanding of your business’s revenue compared to costs.

One of the few dashboards to have earned the esteemed ARA Rental Market Metrics certification, Rental360 demonstrates unmatched accuracy and simplicity. With this one platform, you are gaining access to everything you need to see about your equipment rental business in one screen.

Learn More About Dashboards

“An Equipment Rental Company’s Guide to Digital Transformation through ERP” gives you look at the value that modern technology can give your equipment rental organization.