Rental360 for Executives & Operations

Power Your Entire Equipment Rental Business and Thrive with a Truly Modern, Agile ERP Platform

Rental360, powered by Acumatica, meets all of the needs of equipment rental companies in one agile, mobile friendly system; empowering you to grow, maximize efficiency, and stay top-of-mind with customers.

A Single Platform that Provides End-to-End Functionality

Rental360 is a complete ERP solution, meaning that it powers the entire business, including:

  • purchasing
  • invoicing
  • service & equipment management
  • warehouse management
  • all relevant financial systems

…all in one place.

Featuring an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, accessible from any device or browser, and deep customization capability, Rental360 powers an entire rental company, not just part of it.

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Built with rental companies in mind, Rental360 presents several options for managing rental cycle concerns.

From within Rental360 users can manage all aspects of a rental:

  • creating contracts
  • handling inspections
  • preparing equipment
  • handling shipping or pickup
  • dealing with any service needed upon return
  • making items available for rental again
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The key to success in any rental business is utilizing the proper analytical tools to keep tabs on things like rental tickets, equipment maintenance costs, and daily intakes of rental fees. However, finding a good software that caters to specifically what a rental business owner needs and is certified by the American Rental Association is not always easy.

With Rental360, all of your analytical processes are about to become streamlined, simplified, and highly supportive of your business.

Rental360 Executive Dashboard

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Rental360 features high-level workflow enhancements allowing for efficiency-increasing automation.

Inside the solution, you can easily set up multi-level approvals and create alerts for certain events requiring acknowledgement or approval. These alerts could address anything from approvals, purchase orders, or inventory issues.

This automation can also be implemented in business events. When certain criteria are met, the automation will automatically kick in, such as moving items from warehouse A to warehouse B when levels reach a certain point, or automatically sending out a customer service survey when a contract or order is completed.

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Rental360 offers incredible mobile management options, ideal for field workers and delivery drivers.

The mobile functionality is built into the system, not requiring updates or add-ons; and offers drivers the ability to attach invoices, take photos of deliveries or maintenance documents, or even perform mobile signature capture on completed deliveries.

Rental360 is accessible through any modern mobile device and any browser, eliminating the need for specialized equipment to perform these tasks, saving money in equipment and training.

Time & Expense Entry on the Go

Rental360 enables mobile time and expense management so that your drivers or any other users can submit expenses and receipts in real-time, with photos of receipts that can be easily attached to expense records.

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