Rental360 for Equipment Service Management

Proactively manage preventative maintenance and dispatch crews for on-site service contracts

Rental360 offers in-depth service and equipment management, allowing for easy synching with manufacturers’ warranty standards, ensuring compliance and service crew dispatching, with complete control over how their time is managed, whether or not clients are billed for the crews, and work order generation and fulfillment.

Equipment Maintenance

Rental360 makes it easy to handle incident maintenance for damaged equipment or preventative maintenance based on manufacturer schedules.

Enter, view, and edit manufacturer maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment within the system and set up automated alerts to ensure that you never miss a maintenance window.

Schedules can be performed based on a meter or days of use.

Save time by defining the equipment maintenance schedule for each manufacturer model.

Rental360 offers three options for maintenance type:

  • One-time Maintenance
  • Recurring Interval Fixed – autogenerates a Work Order when the interval is reached regardless of when maintenance occurs in the meantime
  • Recurring Interval Variable – generates a Work Order based on an increment from the last maintenance performed

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Rental360 streamlines every aspect of assigning, deploying, and managing service crews at job sites including:

  • Tracking People and Assets
  • Creating and Managing Work Orders, Scheduling, & Staff Communications
  • Enabling Crew & Staff Time Entry, Review, & Approvals
  • Selling & Renting on a Single Contract – sell off used equipment or assess a one-time charge for services or parts
  • Leveraging a Daily Dispatch Board

Setting Up a Crew in Rental360

Before a Crew can be dispatched for work, it needs to be set up in Rental360. This is done in the Crew Maintenance window.

Because people come and go in the industry, a Crew is associated to a van or vehicle. A van can be attached to a particular yard, department, a crew chief, or a crew chief’s supervisor.

In this window, you can:

  • set defaults for when that crew starts and ends
  • assign a driver and a Vehicle ID, which would be a specific piece of equipment already in the system
  • If a Crew always works on the same project, you can set that project as the default

Crew Members can belong to different classes, such as technician vs. crew chief.

In Rental360, Crew Equipment represents a set of standard equipment for the Crew. This is  default equipment assigned to the crew, not for a particular appointment.

Once a Crew is set up, it’s ready to be assigned and dispatched.

Assigning a Crew in Rental360

When a customer calls in and needs a new crew on site, select New Appointment. This opens the Crew Time Entry Window.

Once assigned, you can see the Crew information within the time sheet as well as the equipment that is standard on the vehicle. Make adjustments as needed and dispatch the crew to the job site, where the crew chief can stay connected to the office through the Rental360 mobile app.

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