New Equipment Rental Company

When you’re a new company, your workflows are evolving quickly. You need a highly flexible, highly adaptable platform on that it can mold to your business needs as it grows.

Rental360 is a complete cloud ERP platform built to be customized for your unique rental business needs while remaining flexible enough to easily upgrade.

As a new business, you need scalability. While you may not have a large staff today, if your business is going to grow, you need a solution that can grow with you and scale up to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions and support hundreds of people accessing the system.

Whether your business is in development or high growth mode, as you’re assessing your current or new systems, ask yourself:

  • Can I change the way the software works as quickly as my business changes and adapt it in the future to address issues that don’t exist today?
  • Can it scale up without having to change platforms?

If you answered “no” to either of those questions, consider Rental360 instead.

Rental360 is built into the Acumatica cloud ERP platform, meaning that it is built to be customized for your unique business needs while remaining flexible enough to easily upgrade. Since the pricing is based on data usage instead of user counts, it easily scales as your business grows and enables you to securely connect your people to your data.

Are you currently on Quickbooks?

Many new companies get started using Quickbooks, but outgrow it. We can migrate all historical data from Quickbooks, and other entry-level accounting systems, into Rental360 seamlessly.

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