Modern ERP is More Than Merely Rental Management Software


Rental companies are complicated operations with several equally important moving parts, all of which need tracking and organizing.

Two Men in a Construction Equipment Rental Yard

In the past rental companies have been forced to use multiple, process-specific platforms- one for financials, one for equipment tracking, one for ordering, and so on. Thanks to the new generation of modern, agile ERP platforms, this is no longer the case.

With Rental360, powered by Acumatica, rental companies will find all of their needs are met in one agile, mobile friendly system, empowering them to grow, maximize efficiency, and stay top-of-mind with customers.

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Rental360 is the ideal solution for a growing rental operation.

A truly modern, agile ERP platform, Rental360 has all of the features a rental operation needs to thrive.

Workers consult a mobile tablet in an equipment yard

Rental360 is a complete ERP solution, meaning that it powers the entire business, including:

  • purchasing
  • invoicing
  • service & equipment management
  • warehouse management
  • all relevant financial systems

…all in one place.

Featuring an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, accessible from any device or browser, and deep customization capability, Rental360 powers an entire rental company, not just part of it.

Built with Rental In Mind

Built with rental companies in mind, Rental360 presents several options for managing rental cycle concerns.

Scaffolding company employee

From within Rental360 users can manage all aspects of a rental: 

  • creating contracts
  • handling inspections
  • preparing equipment
  • handling shipping or pickup
  • dealing with any service needed upon return
  • making items available for rental again

Rental Billing Made Easy

Billing cycles are also easy to set up. Rental360 has options for running on-demand billing or cycle billing, allowing for you to choose the number of days in each cycle. It also offers the ability to add items in mid-cycle, including the ability to modify existing contracts or create new contracts for the additional items.

Building Off the Benefits of the Cloud

As a modern, agile ERP solution built in the cloud, Rental360 is incredibly adaptable, able to interface with a large and ever-growing number of other systems.

This means that existing applications such as Outlook, customer portals, and e-commerce are all able to be integrated to your solution.

The cloud nature of Rental360 also ensures business continuity in the face of disaster, as well as top of the market Cybersecurity.

Workflows that Enhance Efficiency

Rental360 also features high-level workflow enhancements- allowing for efficiency increasing automation.

Inside the solution multi-level approvals can be easily set up, creating alerts that need to be manually dealt with when certain events requiring acknowledging or approval occur. These alerts could address anything from approvals, purchase orders, or inventory issues.

This automation can also be implemented in business events. When certain criteria are met they will automatically kick in, such as moving items from warehouse A to warehouse B when levels reach a certain point, or automatically sending out a customer service survey when a contract or order is completed.

Mobile Rental Management 

Worker with construction equipment managing it on his phone

Rental360 also offers incredible mobile management options, ideal for field workers and delivery drivers.

Mobile is a built-in functionality to the system, not requiring updates or add-ons, and offers drivers the ability to attach invoices, take photos of deliveries or maintenance documents, or even perform mobile signature capture on completed deliveries.

Rental360 is accessible through any modern mobile device and any browser, eliminating the need for specialized equipment to perform these tasks, saving money in equipment and training.

Simplified Service & Maintenance 

Additionally Rental360 includes in-depth service and equipment management, allowing for preventative maintenance to be scheduled based on number of days passed or number of hours used on each piece of equipment that is rented out.

This also allows for easy synching up with manufacturers warranty standards, ensuring compliance.

Crews can also be dispatched from within the software, with complete control over how their time is managed, whether or not clients are billed for the crews, and work order generation and fulfillment all within the same system.

See Our Recent Webinar On-Demand:
What Makes Modern ERP More Than Merely Rental Software?

The Breakdown

Rental360 is the ideal solution for rental companies due to its combination of business-specific enhancements, award winning usability, and in-depth customization and control. The key points to remember:

INSIGHT ACROSS BUSINESS – See detail across every business facet with drill down ability and dashboards

WORKFLOWS TO OPERATE EFFICIENTLY- automation of approvals and business events increases speed of response

MOBILITY FOR 24/7 ACCESS – Access Rental360 from any device on any browser

SECURE AND DEPENDABLE IN THE CLOUD – No risk of damaged or down servers due to natural disaster or human error

TOOLS TO STAY TOP OF MIND WITH CUSTOMERS – Acumatica and Rental360 consistently rated highest in customer satisfaction and usability

A SINGLE PLATFORM FOR END TO END FUNCTIONALITY- Run your entire operation from one system- anywhere at any time.

By choosing Rental360 rental companies set themselves up to stay top-of-mind with customers, enhance their operations, and maximize efficiency.

See Our Recent Webinar On-Demand: What Makes Modern ERP More Than Merely Rental Software?