Mobile Trip Management that Makes Sense for Your Rental Business


With the recent driver shortages, it’s more important than ever for your rental equipment delivery drivers and field service technicians to make their time in the field as efficient as possible.

Mobile Trip Management is one way to make the most of your field employees time.

Rental360 provides a complete mobile solution for companies that rent equipment.

This functionality is helpful when it comes to monitoring the health of the business while out of the office and giving field employees the ability to input their time and expenses on the road. However, the mobile trip management capabilities are what makes Rental360 an essential piece to your rental business efficiency.

Rental360 Mobile Functionality

Let’s consider a scenario with a driver delivering a generator and the steps the driver would take using Rental360 Mobile Trip Management. The driver:

  1. Views all of their available trips. Each trip has multiple stops, called work orders.
  2. Selects the appropriate trip and can see all of the relevant information and associated work orders.
  3. Selects the appropriate work order.
  4. See the delivery address.
  5. Clicks to get turn-by-turn directions to the location.
  6. Views the work tickets on the work order to ensure that they take all of the required actions:
    1. Delivers the generator
    2. Delivers the power cord that the customer purchased
    3. Installs the generator as stipulated in the service agreement
  7. Enters the Meter Start
  8. Marks the generator delivery work ticket “Completed.”
  9. Takes a photo of the generator in-place at the customer location and attaches it to the work order.
  10. Collects customer sign-off on screen.
  11. Uses voice-to-text to add notes to the work order.
  12. Changes the work order status to “Completed.”

Now your driver is ready to move on to the next stop!

See this process in action:

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This post was originally published on March 14, 2019 but was updated and republished with new information.