Mobile Ticket Management Keeps Drivers and Rental Staff Safer During COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond


One critical way that equipment rental companies can improve employee safety protocols throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond is by reducing manual contact points. Business processes that rely on paper being passed from person to person are not only becoming increasingly inefficient in our modern digital age but are also increasing the potential for disease spread throughout your company.

Going digital doesn’t just protect your employees when they’re on-site at your location, it can also help protect your delivery drivers and service staff as they go out to your customers’ sites by eliminating the need to transfer physical documents and managing all aspects of the workorder ticket from their individual mobile device.

Rental360 provides mobile trip and ticket management as just one facet of its complete solution for rental management in the cloud.

See step-by-step how a driver using Rental360 on their mobile device can receive the trip and work order information, navigate to the customer’s location, see and manage all work tickets associated with their work order, enter relevant equipment data, take a photo of their work and attach it to the work order, collect customer sign-off, add notes via voice-to-text, and complete the workorder, all with very limited customer contact and no transferring of documents.


Since Rental360 is built in the Acumatica cloud ERP platform, it is not priced per-user, making it easy and cost-effective to roll out to everyone in your rental organization, empowering those in the field, in the office, and working from home to have full, secure access to all real-time, relevant company and customer data from any device. Learn more about making your rental business more mobile with Rental360 here.

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