Making Your Equipment Rental Business More Mobile


In light of the current efforts for as many members of the workforce as possible to work from home, business and school closings, and more due to attempts to curtail the spread of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus), it may be shining a light on the ways that your equipment rental business is not as mobile friendly as you need it to be.

While it makes sense that your focus is on maintaining  a “business-as-usual” approach in the midst of these highly unusual circumstances, when things get back to normal, it may be time to look for a new normal and consider new ways for you to empower a mobile and remote workforce moving forward.

The equipment rental industry will always require some hands-on humans present and engaged in operations, there are ways to make your business more modern and mobile friendly so that more of your team members can work efficiently while off-site.

A modern, mobile-enabled workforce is essential for operating nimbly in ever-changing times like we are faced with today. However, in order to truly run your rental business with a mobile workforce, you need a modern technology platform as a foundation.

Rental360 is a complete, modern solution on which you can run your business and rent equipment all from one system. It was built in the Acumatica cloud ERP framework, it is a single platform that connects all facets of your rental business by managing inventory, tracking depreciation, enabling activity management and customer portals, and tying rental activity to financials and other back office systems, all of your critical business data is in one location.

Typically, we focus on talking about mobile functionality in terms of employees in the field leveraging Rental360’s route optmization and trip management on their devices. However, it’s important to remember that the benefits of mobility extend to every user of the system (and with pricing based on data usage, not user counts, we hope that as many people in the organization are using the system as possible to get the best possible benefit).

Since Rental360 is built in the Acumatica cloud, it is 100% browser based, which means it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device. There is also an app with complete system functionality delivered through a more mobile-friendly experience.

This means, that any employee will have a permissions-based, secure, real-time view of the entire business from wherever their life or business takes them.

To see more benefits of Rental360 Software and its mobile enabled efficiency, view our on-demand webinar.