Make Split-Second Equipment Decisions with Rental360


The Rental360 package built on an Acumatica cloud ERP comes with a robust portfolio of features and capabilities all designed to enhance your rental business revenue stream, put your total inventory status at your fingertips, and stay on top of account slippage to avoid overdue payment or downtime due to equipment or property repair. That includes the ability to tap into data on equipment and property coming up for availability, easy response to new customers and scaling to their needs with inventory, changing up revenue streams with new market ventures, and running an efficient operating side to keep costs down.
Business is as much about collecting the right information as it is about making key decisions on how to move forward. And Rental360 becomes that key tool, using an Acumatica ERP platform to pull disparate business pieces together into one system.

  • Your equipment and asset lists come alive with easy spotting of variances and problems to handle as well.
  • Missing equipment doesn’t stay buried in delayed or long lists; the issues are highlighted for quick response and resolution.
  • Customers now provide on-time rental payments and returns becomes valuable retention targets while not so disciplined accounts also get identified for decisions on whether to keep or let go.
  • Your energy, resources, staff time and business costs become extremely targeted, reducing your waste and boosting your net profit.
  • You also maintained extremely tight and accurate records in Rental360, which can translate in to clean information for tax and appraisal purposes as well, a key workload factor that doesn’t happen regularly but is critical for your business success.

So, if the above sounds like a better way of doing business with your rental company, start taking a look at Rental360 with this full demo. It’s never too late to reshape your company and move it into the 21st century today, as well as make your customers far more productive for your bottom line.

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