Is Your Rental Business Ready to Respond to the Next Natural Disaster?


Natural disasters are an unfortunate and often unavoidable fact of life. While the effect these disasters have on people around the world can not be understated, the effect they have on businesses can be equally profound. Equipment rental companies often find themselves in a unique position- they can possess the right inventory and resources to respond quickly to disasters, making a difference for their customers and their communities. How can rental providers prepare themselves for these disaster situations?


Workers inspecting a restroom trailer before renting it outMany providers looking to position themselves for success have turned to pre-packaged units, already stocked with the equipment needed to assist their customers in the event of a natural disaster. These kits, usually in the form of trailers, are customizable to specific disasters, such as restrooms or wash stations to help battle COVID-19, or heavy equipment used to combat wildfires.


Other rental operations have shifted focus to marketing towards the government agencies that will require equipment in face of these tragedies by establishing special programs that will allow the agencies to receive priority service during disasters, ensuring they are at the top of the list for the equipment they need. By offering “one stop shop” ability by being able to offer all the equipment an agency would need in one place.


In areas where natural disasters or other emergencies are a constant risk some providers, such as Sunbelt Rentals, focus on forward-planning solutions to keep disasters from escalating into full-fledged shutdowns. By offering contingency planning services they help their customers plan for the worst, ensuring that their business-specific needs are accounted for and met. This service includes ensuring particular emergency equipment will be available to them, as well as having in-house experts help determine what their customer’s needs in various departments (power, water) would be in the event of a major incident.


Forward-thinking rental providers have plans in place for even the most unthinkable circumstances. By preparing for all contingencies they position themselves to not only look after their own needs, but the needs of their customers in the most trying of times. 

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