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One of the biggest advantages of Rental360 is the fully-configurable, role-based dashboards that serve up relevant data analytics at a glance that cover all areas of your business.
The Rental360 dashboards are a key piece of the solution’s ARA Rental Market Metrics certification – meaning that they have demonstrated 100% accuracy in complying with the ARA standards and methodology in calculating and reporting the critical performance measurements for the rental industry.
Each dashboard gives you a snapshot of what you need to focus on. For example, the rental dashboard shows you:
Rental DashboardEquipment utilization

  • Equipment availability vs. out on rental
  • Frequency of rental for individual assets

Revenue realization

  • Cost of equipment in services
  • Revenue by equipment class by month for the current year
  • Rental and Return tickets in process
  • Overdue returns

Role-based tasks
Each dashboard is based on your particular role. Security will limit the data displayed to that which your role is privy, and your dashboard will only show the tasks assigned to you in your task list.
Likewise, the financial and accounting dashboards show you critical information, including:
Rental Accounting Dashboard

  • Cash Position
  • Cash on hand
  • Cash expected
  • Cash required for select time periods
  • Overdue customers, payments, etc. by time period
  • Top overdue balances
  • Credit or vendor payment holds
  • and more…

These are just two examples of the countless ways that Rental360 dashboards deliver the analysis you need to equip business leaders with insight into asset profitability.
All Rental360 dashboards are fully interactive, so you can drill into any data point and see the detail behind it so that business leaders can see on a single screen where you are losing and making money.
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