Delivering the 5 Things Professional Contractors Want from Rental Companies


In a recent study, the American Rental Association identified the top 5 things that professional contractors are looking for in a new equipment rental company:
1. Attentive customer service
2. Reliable, well-maintained and varied equipment
3. Create online engagement
4. Clear communication
5. Rewards
Taking the steps to bridge the gap between understanding what your contractor customers are looking for and delivering it requires having the right systems and processes in place to provide these services effectively.
How can Rental360 help?
Rental360 is a complete cloud ERP platform that can help heavy industrial equipment or construction equipment rental companies like yours achieve these five objectives and more! Here’s how:

Attentive Service

Generally speaking, contractors think highly of the service provided by their rental companies, so in order to differentiate, you need to go above and beyond. Rental360 provides anyone in your organization who is interacting with a customer a single screen from which to access all relevant and historic data about the customer in multiple, intuitive ways in order to serve the customer quickly and effectively.

Providing stand-out service also requires quick and thorough access to all equipment data. From the Equipment List in Rental360, you can drill into the history for any piece of equipment. This allows you to see all of the rental activity for that piece of equipment from its initial purchase, through every rental return, with the ability to drill into each rental sales order. You can also see asset specific information, including the original equipment cost and the equipment type.
Rental360 not only empowers your people with information that they need to deliver attentive service, it also empowers your customers to help themselves with an online customer portal where they can see equipment information, log and track service requests, pay bills, and more.


Equipment variety and maintenance is key to keeping customers happy. A poorly maintained piece of equipment can cause an interruption to your customer’s project and a mis-managed service call can damage a customer relationship. Rental360 can help with both.
The asset management capabilities in Rental360 enable you to monitor and manage all of your equipment in a variety of ways to ensure that anyone interacting with your customers knows the current status, location, and full history of a piece of equipment.

When a maintenance or service issue arises, prompt and transparent service will be the best means of keeping your customer satisfied. The Mobile Trip Management capability in Rental360 guides your drivers and field technicians through each step of a service, delivery, or pick-up by providing geographic directions, tracking GPS coordinates for billing reasons, providing all service call information within the mobile ticket so that they know and can track exactly what needs to be done and can attach equipment pictures in the case of damage or needed repairs, and can capture customer sign-off on the service provided.

Online Engagement

Being able to interact with your customers in ways that they prefer to interact is more critical than ever, and more and more customers and looking to engage with businesses online.
The Rental360 portal lets your customers access their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more. Customers can securely access account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without picking up the phone or sending an email. They can see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received and amount due and can also update address, contact and user access details.
The online portal also gives you a place to share relevant documentation, including user guides or training videos for the equipment that they have rented.
See the Acumatica Customer Portal, available in Rental360, for yourself.
In addition to engaging your customers online through a portal, you can also promote online engagement through seamless integration with popular ecommerce tools. This helps customers pay using their preferred method of payment from wherever they happen to be without picking up the phone or waiting for a check in the mail.


If you’re looking to start or automate a loyalty program, the complete customer history in Rental360 will provide the foundational data to help you establish parameters and enroll your eligible customers.
Built on the flexible Acumatica Cloud ERP platform, Rental360 was designed to be easily integrated with any number of external solutions. Customer loyalty software solutions are no exception and can provide you a means of proactively maintaining a loyalty program, fed by accurate customer data, without any manual tracking.

Clear Communication

One of the greatest strengths of having a modern ERP solution like Rental360 for your equipment rental business is having all of your customer and equipment information available to everyone in your organization who interacts with your customers so that everyone is securely accessing a single version of the truth.
Being able to communicate quickly and correctly with your customers is key to keeping them satisfied and winning their business long-term. Rental360 was built to empower this type of communication.
Take a deeper look at all Rental360 has to offer in this on-demand demo!