Combating Rental Cyber Security Threats with Cloud ERP


As businesses continue to ride the wave of the digital transformation new difficulties and challenges are certain to arise. For equipment rental companies one of the primary “new” challenges is the continually evolving threat of online attacks. These very real dangers underline the need for cyber security measures.

Two types of cyber threats against rental operations are currently trending: social engineering attacks and invoice manipulation.

Social engineering schemes revolve around malicious actors infiltrating a company’s digital systems by subterfuge and exploiting that access for gain. Typically, this involves an attacker posing as a new employee or some other trusted source and gleaning enough information to break into a network. They then use this access to siphon funds, either by sending false banking information to clients, or transferring funds from legitimate accounts into their own.

Invoice manipulation involves using system or data-breach access to create and distribute doctored or otherwise fraudulent invoices. These invoices bear all the hallmarks of legitimacy, but once paid leave rental operators in a lurch as their payees are still owed the money due. This can lead to long, complicated, and painful rectification, often involving the FBI, digital forensics, and the cessation of new order taking.

Modern Solutions for Equipment Rental Cyber Security

The best way to deal with these threats is to not give them the chance to spring up – protect your company’s data with modern, top of the line cyber-security. By choosing to operate with a cloud-based ERP platform, rental businesses will protect their data with a full security suite.

Cloud ERP platforms are proven to be more secure. With no on-premises servers or data hubs to protect, the possibility of a physical attack is eliminated. With built-in anti-malware and phishing protection cloud ERP providers such as Acumatica protect users from common scams that can bring havoc to a company. Redundant systems and backups also protect against threats, as “system maintenance” and downtime are typical covers for cyber-attacks. Cloud ERP massively decreases or eliminates them entirely.

Cloud based ERP also provides another clear advantage – the ability to constantly update against new or evolving digital threats. These updates can often happen with minimal user interaction, allowing for more efficient work while ensuring your businesses’ data is protected against the most modern threats.

Facing a world of ever evolving digital threats rental businesses cannot afford to rely on antiquated ERP solutions. Forward thinking businesses don’t just survive, but thrive, and a cloud-based ERP solution provides the tools needed to do just that. Protect your company’s users and data by enabling a top-of-the-line ERP provider.

Learn more about the benefits of cloud ERP for equipment rental with this on-demand demo.