Cloud Scalability for Rental Surges and Slow-Downs


It’s not uncommon for rental companies to experience a fluctuating employee count throughout the year. Typically, this is to be expected due to the seasonal highs and lows that they regularly experience. In addition, unexpected work shortages can result in a low employee count, for example, what many companies are now experiencing due to the COVID-19 virus. In each case, having an easily scalable ERP system to efficiently manage your business is a lifesaver.

Rental360 is built into Acumatica, a cloud ERP system that charges based on the features and resources you use instead of the number of users who access the system. The beauty of Acumatica’s pricing is that the foundation of what you pay is the number of applications you are implementing. All applications are integrated and can be added at any time, so you only select what you need, when you need it. Gone are the days of paying for applications that you don’t use.

With employee count going up and down, who wants to pay for users that you might not currently have? Acumatica eliminates this problem by allowing for unlimited users following a consumption-based pricing model – you are charged based on the resources your company requires for the transactions you anticipate. And you can always increase or decrease these resources when necessary.

Rental companies nationwide have been experiencing the benefits of Acumatica while using Rental360, an industry-specific software platform tailored to the needs of equipment rental companies. This platform is built into the Acumatica Cloud ERP framework and as a result, comes with the pricing benefits of Acumatica. You pay for what you use, not your number of users.

Whether your company is experiencing a change in employee count due to the COVID-19 virus, or you regularly experience such fluctuation because of seasonal highs and lows, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the benefits Acumatica provides. Stop paying for users you don’t have. Instead pay for what you need, when you need it. This type of system will benefit your company now in these difficult times, and on into the future.

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