Better Billing and Payment Management from the Rental Order Screen in Rental360


The rental order screen within Rental360 is truly a one-stop, control center for all of the information that a user needs to place a rental order, including everything relating to the piece of equipment, terms of the rental, and the customer. This “all-in-one” capacity is extremely helpful when it comes to accelerating your order-to-cash cycle. That acceleration is aided by the accessibility of billing and payment information from the rental screen.
Find out how Rental360 makes customizing billing options and accepting payment at the time of a rental order a snap:

Billing Options in Rental360

Once you have selected a customer record to associate with the rental order, you can select the appropriate billing profile. For a longer term rental, choose a Cycle Bill, which can be billed on a 28 day, monthly, or custom cycle based on an assigned date. However, if you need the ability to bill up-front or in arrears, you can select an On Demand Bill, which enables you to bill based on actual daily rates.
You can drill into the billing information to see the default information pulled in by the customer record and to edit any information to fit the needs of a particular order. From here, you can adapt the rental terms and assign a new order owner, if it should not be the individual placing the order.
Rental360 leverages Avalara’s native integration with Acumatica to handle sales tax. Within the billing detail pop-up window, you will see the sales tax automatically calculated based on the services that you have previously selected from Avalara.
Additionally, you can tie the rental sale to a marketing campaign, for efficient marketing ROI tracking, within the billing pop-up window.

Deposits & Payments in Rental360

Once the billing parameters for a rental order have been established, you can accept a Payment On Account or take a deposit at the time of the rental order from within the rental order screen.
Rental360 facilitates the acceptance of any payment option that your company supports, including checks, cash, wire transfers, or credit cards. It also enables you to speed up your cash receipts process further by enabling you to authorize new credit cards on the fly or use credit card information stored securely in the system.

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