7 Benefits of Rental360 vs. Your Legacy Rental System


As an equipment rental business competing in today’s economy, you can no longer rely on outdated systems to run your business. You can’t move forward at the rate you need to when you’re tied to narrow, rigid, expensive, and out-dated systems. You need a solution that is flexible, agile, and modern, that will empower you with a complete view of all of your resources and data regardless of your location.

Rental360 and Acumatica’s modern cloud ERP system together deliver the most effective cloud and mobile technology available while giving you a comprehensive view of your rental business data.
Rental360 provides these 7 key advantages over legacy systems:

Single Spot for All Order Information:

Efficiently check in/check out equipment with tools that save time and ensure that your rental company gets the maximum return on equipment investment.

Built for Rental on the Acumatica Cloud Platform:

Our solution is delivered as a cloud-based subscription. As a result, there are no servers for you to install, upgrade, or maintain. We manage all of those concerns for you.

Financials and Accounting:

Supported by the Acumatica cloud ERP solution, you can also integrate with business systems to provide better costing, pricing, depreciation, and ROI tracking.

Approval Automation:

Assign rental orders, expense reports, tickets, and more to an approver for workflow-enabled management and operational controls.

Mobile Access:

Document equipment drop off or damage with pictures attached to each equipment record, enable customer signatures on the spot, use the look up history and more from customer locations or wherever your business takes you.

Manage Service Schedules:

Keeping service schedules and records tied to specific inventory items and enabling automatic notifications when service is due minimizes down time due to maintenance.

Keep Customers Connected:

The integrated customer database keeps customer data connected to both operations and staff while enabling better customer service through targeted communication with clients and prospects.

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Originally published March 3, 2018. Updated for clarity and relevance in March 2022.