50 Years of Scaffolding and Beyond


In 2022, the Scaffold and Access Industry Association (SAIA) celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. In its fifty years the SAIA has seen major advances in the field of scaffolding and continues to project the need for evolving technology into the future.

In the last fifty years scaffolding has gone from a largely manual field to a computerized and digitized one. The advent of modern computers changed the game for scaffolding companies across the board- from billing to design to inventory control. Computerized improvements in the manufacturing industry changed how scaffolding manufactures and companies could ship and receive their wares,  opening up new options for suppliers. The digital revolution of recent years has also made it easier for safety codes to be enforced, as they are no longer archaic, hard to find documents, but easily accessible digital documents, available at the click of a button.

As these changes have taken hold, scaffolding businesses have seen their system needs evolve in kind. As the computerization and digital revolutions took hold the back-end processes for scaffolding providers changed from largely people-based to technology based, completely out of necessity. As systems to create, order, and ship scaffolding evolved, so too must the ERP systems running the business.

Agile, modern ERP systems like Rental360 are ideal for scaffolding providers. With 24/7 access to real-time data, scaffolding providers no longer need to rely on manual counts of products, hand-charted sales, or fall victim to lengthy update periods. Companies also can easily manage both consumables and services from the same system and cost out labor and materials easily, no longer requiring disparate systems.

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Rental360 also offers advanced features to make scaffolding projects easier. The ability to switch billing types in the middle of a job can be a cost and stress saver, and Rental360 makes it a possibility for even the most complicated of jobs. Scaffolding companies can also make use of Rental360’s advanced automation capabilities in the realm of dispatching and crew assignments.

By switching to a modern, agile ERP system such as Rental360 scaffolding providers can continue to keep pace with the advancements in their industry.

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