4 Ways ERP Answers the Digital Transformation Question for Equipment Rental Organizations


Digital Transformation is everywhere, changing the way we live our daily lives and the way that we do business. In a personal setting, it changes everything from how we connect with others to how we get a pizza. In a professional setting, it changes how we communicate with our customers and how we deliver on their expectations.

An equipment rental organization can embrace digital transformation through adopting a modern, agile ERP platform.

By going digital, a rental company can move itself from the purely transactional nature of legacy ERP to a system that enhances operations across the whole business while focusing on key areas to maximize efficiency, quality, and profitability.

The right ERP solution can greatly enhance nearly all aspects of your rental business’ operations.

See Everything

A modern, agile ERP solution will offer business in-depth visibility into every aspect of their operation, be it financial, purchasing, inventory, or rental scheduling. Transformational ERP will include:

  • High level dashboards with drill-down capability
  • Mobile access to data from any device at any time

Visibility helps you be more proactive and also stay top-of-mind with customers.

The Future is Now

“Future technologies” such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation tools, and machine learning (ML) are already among us and delivering benefits to early adopters.

Safe and Secure in the Cloud

A modern, cloud-based ERP solution eliminates the concern of a natural disaster or other physical catastrophe, and top of the line ERP providers always include a full cyber-security suite, meaning that your business systems and data are safe from disaster on all fronts.

End to End Functionality

Modern ERP solutions allow users to see into every aspect of their business. This is particularly important for rental equipment providers, as it allows direct, in-depth control over the entire rental cycle- from equipment purchase, warehousing, renting, invoicing, maintenance, to returns and eventually selling the equipment.

This is just a sampling of the myriad improvements that digital transformation through modern ERP can bring to equipment rental companies. To learn more and see some digital transformation pitfalls to avoid, download “An Equipment Rental Company’s Guide to Digital Transformation through ERP.”