4 Reasons Rental360 is Right for Scaffold Companies


Scaffolding companies face many unique challenges, especially in the current business climate, and therefore must find unique solutions that other companies may not need. Scaffolding companies face the challenge of not being able to rely on traditional rental systems to operate on, as they are typical renting full scaffolding rigs, not individual pieces of equipment, and therefore require a more complete ERP solution. It’s system rental, not point rental. These broader requirements (when compared to a rental operation in another industry) mean that typical systems are not up to the challenge. Luckily, Rental360 is not a typical system, and it is ideal for scaffolding companies.

Manage Projects with Consumables & Services

Rental360 offers in-depth and powerful project management tools, ideal for scaffolding companies due to the inherent level of complexity of their projects. Advanced tracking capabilities help secure consumables for projects, as well as offer the ability to track damaged or missing equipment, an unfortunate regular occurrence for scaffold providers. Rental360 also offers the ability for users to leverage project accounting to capture time for services.

Take Control of Your Billing, No Matter How Complex

Scaffolding companies require highly customization billing infrastructure, as no two projects are ever exactly alike. Rental360 allows for variable billing, either in lump-sum or component, and also offers the ability to switch between the two. By giving users control over the billing cycle, from start dates to return cycle setup, Rental360 empowers users to take total control over their billing instead of relying on pre-set options that may not work for their needs.

Item Management Made Simple

A frustration facing scaffolding companies is the need to manage both serialized and non serialized items simultaneously. A large portion of inventory for a typical scaffolding provider will be non-serialized, while the ‘big ticket’ items will have serial numbers. Rental360 gives users the ability to track both types of inventory in a simple interface, eliminating the back-and-forth other systems entail.

Labor Costs and Service Delivery

Rental360 gives users the ability to manage and track their equipment from job-site to job-site, simplifying life for scaffolding providers who often have clients moving equipment to alternate job-sites. Scaffolding companies who offer assembling and dissembling services will also benefit from the crew scheduling tools included in the solution, allowing for easy scheduling and tracking of employees who are on-site, all linked directly to financials.

Rental360 is a complete, modern ERP solution- one that is ideal for companies in the world of scaffolding. Its tools help users navigate the headaches and defeat the unique challenges scaffold providers face every day.


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