4 Reasons Rental360 is Right for Fencing Companies


Fencing businesses are complex with unique requirements beyond those of traditional rental organizations. Because of these complexities, it’s easy for fencing companies to get bogged down trying to manage several separate technologies to manage their fencing projects.

Rental360 offers an agile alternative.

Rental360 is one platform on which you can process all of the tasks related to your fencing projects, built into leading cloud technology. This foundation can provide 4 key benefits for your fence rental business:

More Business Agility with Speed and Flexibility

A key feature of an agile fencing business is it’s ability to add or remove items or equipment from a project without creating additional invoices. Rental360 makes this possible by giving you the ability to easily add or delete items on a single contract without the need to consolidate multiple contracts into a single invoice.

a large number of mobile metal fencesYou can also switch the billing type in the midst of a rental project, if needed.

Rental360 also gives you the power to track consumables purchased in order to secure a new project.

With the high incidence of damage to items and equipment on fencing projects, Rental360 allows you to easily track damaged and missing equipment, even if it is not serialized.

Make Your Crews More Productive

fencing erector working

Rental360’s intuitive UI, standardized workflows, and integrated payroll make onboarding new employees or contractors quick and easy.

You can also optimize your resource utilization with improved tracking and availability data around both your equipment and your crews in Rental360.

Productivity and streamlined processes go hand-in-hand. Rental360 enables streamlining processes for your crews through improved collaboration, automatic notifications of where and when to be, and full capabilities available anywhere on any device to take pictures, capture signatures, and access relevant customer or project information.

More Profitable Fencing Projects

Improve your pricing strategies by leveraging better metrics on your cost-per-foot to install while taking advantage of flexible pricing models that offer a “Best Price” capability in Rental360.

Reduce the number of customer discounts you are offering by specifying minimum price and margins for materials and labor and by using workflows to review quotes above a certain amount or below margin.

temporary fence around construction siteErrors in quotes that are sent to customers can lead to profit leakage. Leverage workflows and approval maps in Rental360 to control quotes above a threshold and use defined templates for contracts & projects to limit errors.

Keep your customers happy and coming back with a built-in configurator that reduces errors on estimates and enables you to add assets and consumables during a contract.

More Margin with Less Cost

One of the best ways to reduce software and IT costs is by consolidating multiple point solutions into a single ERP platform that integrates easily, boasts industry-leading usability, makes your IT staff more productive, and supports your growth through consumption-based, rather than per-user, pricing all with the ease and security of the cloud. This is all possible with Rental360, which is built into the much-acclaimed Acumatica Cloud ERP platform.

With Rental360, you can increase the productivity of your accounting and finance team by automating time-consuming processes, integrating with credit card processing applications, and easily managing inter-company transactions.

Rental360 also gives you the ability to track approvals, signatures, change orders, attachments and more to simplify audits. Additionally, you can reduce your payroll and expense management costs through automation and by taking advantage of complete mobile features.

Because it provides a wholistic view of your company, Rental360 can improve your visibility into the factors driving your margins so that you can budget appropriately.

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